Our Cashmere

Cashmere at its best

Our carefully chosen supplier manufactures, spins and dyes the yarn in Scotland and has 150 years of experience and tradition of yarn production. The paints used are environmentally friendly and the water from the dyeing process can be released back into the lake, in the National Park, where it originally came from.

The wool comes from mountain-dwelling Kashmir goats that have adapted to the harsh conditions and extreme temperatures that prevail in the Gobi Desert. To survive, the goats develop wonderfully thick fur with a rough outer layer and a fine soft undercoat. Only the soft wool that comes from the part under the chin and down under the belly of the goat is used in production.

"We encourage sustainable herding and grazing practices, promote high standards of animal welfare, and work to protect this traditional way of life within nomadic communities."

Striving for a sustainable future

The clothing industry's way of working often leads to overproduction with unnecessary waste of garments which leads to a negative impact on the environment. We believe that fashion should be produced by using sustainable resources and without harming the world in the process.

House of Knitting is our contribution to a more sustainable future. We have carefully selected suppliers of raw materials that themselves have a consistent environmental awareness in their production.

We want to give our customers more influence and opportunity to make personal choices regarding their new garment before production. Not just in color, size and shape but also in the way the garments are produced, by providing an environmentally friendly alternative.

The innovative technology that we use in our knitting production makes the garment seamless and follow the bodys contours which makes it really comfortable to wear.

With a passion for fashion that is neat, comfortable and fit for any occasion we strive to make high-quality clothing that will last a lifetime.

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