Luxurious & functional
cashmere clothing
tailored for you


With a passion for fashion that is neat, comfortable and fit for any occasion we strive to make high quality clothing that will last a lifetime.

Our carefully chosen supplier manufactures, spins and dyes the yarn in Scotland and has 150 years of experience and tradition of yarn production. The innovative technology that we use in our knitting production makes the garment seamless and follow the bodys contours which makes it really comfortable to wear.

Cashmere clothing

made to order

We are proud to say that all of our garments are made- to-order which means that each item is specifically made just for you. Apart from the standard sizes we also give you the option to order a tailor-made garment that is measured precisely after your body.

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House of Knitting pullover
House of Knitting Dress

an idea
to life

The company was founded in 2017 by me, Anna Genfors, inspired by a big life change after a horse accident. 

After a lot of pondering and knitting sweaters, I decided that I’d like to take on a real challenge and try to implement my vision of making sustainably knitted garments. Soft, cozy and durable was the motto and with the best quality on the market.

After two years of learning and gathering knowledge a small stable on my farm had been converted into a charming Studio and it was time to open the gates to the House of Knitting. 

I hope you will appreciate our pure cashmere and maybe even fall in love with its magic.

”We encourage sustainable herding and grazing practices, promote high standards of animal welfare, and work to protect this traditional way of life within nomadic communities”



”Nothing compares to Scottish cashmere. The way it looks, how it feels, the way it drapes.”

Scottish-spun cashmere is world-renowned. The ‘Scottish handle’ is more robust off the shelf, but soon blossoms.

The paints used are environmentally friendly and the water from the dyeing process can be released back into the lake, in the National Park, where it originally came from.