About us

Inspired by a big life change

The company was founded in 2017 by Anna Genfors, inspired by a big life change after a severe concussion due to falling off a horse. After a long period of rest, long walks and baking bread Anna felt there was something missing. After being tucked away in a box for many years, the knitting needles came out again.

Bringing an idea to life

At the time there was a lot written in the media about the clothing industry's impact on the environment and the need for a production that takes into account the vulnerability of nature. After a lot of pondering and knitting sweaters, Anna decided that she'd like to take on a real challenge and try to implement her vision of making sustainably knitted garments. Soft, cozy and durable was the motto and with the best quality on the market.

After some investigative work she contacted a global company with a European office in England that is at the forefront of technology and training in the knitting industry. After two years of learning and gathering knowledge a small stable on her farm had been converted into a charming Studio and it was time to open the gates to the House of Knitting.